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We perform the following procedures at each regular service stop.

  1. Vacuum, sweep and clean all pools, tile and related facilities as needed. Cleanse tile of dirt, scum and scale deposits.
  2. Maintain proper records in accordance with the Orange County Health Department regulations as to operation, pH level, services performed and chemicals uses.
  3. The pumps, filters, disinfectant and chemical feeders, flow indicators, gauges and all related parts of the pool water purification system shall be kept in operational condition whenever the pool is available for use. The filters will be disassembled, the grids acid washed, the tanks cleaned and diatomaceous earth replaced every three months. The filters will be backwashed at least once every other week. The chlorinator systems will be properly serviced at least once every other month.
  4. All equipment will be maintained in safe, clean and good operating condition. Repairs to equipment will be identified and estimates sent for approval prior to repairs performed.
  5. Pool water shall be maintained at a Ph level of 7.2 to 8.0. Free chlorine residual must be maintained to at least 1.0 ppm. Cyanuric acid readings will not exceed 100 ppm and shall be tested at least once every three months. All levels will be tested and recorded during ordinary servicing.
  6. Calcium hardness will be tested and recorded at least once every three months. If pool water exceeds 600 ppm, an estimate for drain will be submitted to the board for review.
  7. Total dissolved solids will be tested at least once every three months. If pool/spa water exceeds 2000 ppm, an estimate for drain will be submitted for the board to review.
  8. Pool will be closed for use for a minimum of four hours when water clarity or bacteriological count as specified by Orange county Health Department is exceeded.
  9. The sides and bottom of pools and spa shall be kept free from slime and algae.
  10. Water surface will be skimmed to remove floating debris during each ordinary service.
  11. All strainer baskets around pool/spa and pump rooms will be cleaned during each ordinary service stop.
  12. Pool equipment rooms shall be kept in a neat and sanitary condition at all times.
  13. Contractor will furnish all chlorine, acid, DE and other chemicals. (charged per contract)
  14. Contractor will furnish all additional chemicals, algaecides, dry chemicals, conditioner, foam down required for regular operation of the pool and spa. These chemicals will be stored on premise.
  15. A preventative maintenance program of inspection and equipment service will be conducted on each pool monthly.
  16. Chemical feed systems will be refilled and adjusted as required during normal service stops.
  17. Water level of pool will be maintained at an optimal level.
  18. Circulation and other timers will be set as requested or required by law.
  19. Gate closing locks and mechanism will be inspected on each stop and management notified if gates are in need of repair.
  20. All proper emergency signage will be inspected and estimate sent when replacement required.
  21. All submerged surfaces (walls, steps and spa) shall be brushed at each service stop.
  22. Contractor will provide all necessary servicing and cleaning equipment and tools required for repairs and maintenance.